The Character Behind the Quill

The Character Behind the Quill

My real name is Christopher Denq, but most people refer to me by my pen name, Christopher Mus.

I am life’s student, but a high school victim.

Poetry and creative writing are my outlets for the drama of teenage angst and the inanity of public high school education. I’m also a novice fashioneer, eccentric philocalist, and great admirer of art and imagination. This website is divided into three sections: one that focuses mainly on my literary facet, which is warped more with gothic pessimism and philosophical rubbish than anything else; one that focuses on my artistic facet, which is a giant mess of a color for my mind does like to wander; and one that focuses on my style facet, which is my “classy” clothing choice. :]

History is revolutionary indeed–at the level of amazingness most would attribute to nano-biology or nuclear physics instead. There’s a sort of contentment intrinsic in noticing the same exact fashion patterns or art movements consistent throughout… well, forever. History both beckons me to cut new jungle paths with dull butter knives and paradoxically comforts me, for it reminds me that no matter how daring you are with your art, there’s always that avant-garde baker-musician who’s used bread crumbs to crinkle melodies.

I’d love high school English just as much, were it not as strictly logical and mundane as writing essays produced under the same cookie-cutter formula.

My favorite color is pink. I act tough in front of mirrors while listening to Eminem rap, fanboy over One Direction’s newest (and always the best!) song, and fall into deep nostalgia to Owl City’s electronic synthpop. I run cross-country and track just so I can come home and eat 12 donuts without gaining any net weight. And most importantly,

            I speak softly but dream loudly.

So who is the character behind the quill, you ask?


Have look around my website. I’m sure you’ll get your answer then.



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    lololol good writing i guess

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    nice! i have a LB and blog 2, but only about fashion!

    luv u if you fan + subscribe!

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    this site is great!

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    Hah. GAY.

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    Wow! You look nothing like what I thought you’d be, hehe. c:

    • Posted by dandysandy1, at Reply

      I agree . Nothing what I expected .

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    nice. lookin forward to wat u have 2 offer

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    im writer. we should all support each other
    check me out

  9. Posted by Martha King, at Reply

    You have a gift! It’s rare that someone so young can be so elegant in his expression. Keep working at your craft and one day you will be an amazing writer

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    hey cutie. chu should start a fashion segment :) im shure chu’ll look nicee! fan me on LB!

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    hey i am a new member of your site. i like your style :) keep up the good work

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    you look cool

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