A Lonely Forest Run

DETAILS: Year: 2012-2014 Medium: Photoshop Style: Gothic-Dark Influence: Metamodernism, Graphic Design Model:  N/A DESCRIPTION: A Photoshop study that I worked on over the years. IMAGE: < < < < < <     > > > > > > Previous | Art Portfolio Home | Next See more pieces! Back to all art!

The Amazing Adventures of an Average American Woman

DETAILS: Year: 2013-2014 Medium: Graphite, Photoshop, Illustrator Style: Comic Art Influence: American Comic Art, Feminism Model:  “Archie Comics” DESCRIPTION: Much in the same way micro-aggressions continue racism, outdated social traditions like matrimony perpetuate an innately biased perspective. My piece deals with the insidious custom of women changing their last names to match men’s….

Self Portrait: Impressionism

DETAILS: Year: 2011-2012 Medium: Acrylic, Watercolor Style: Broken brush Influence: Impressionism Model: “Night Lights” by Leonid Afremov DESCRIPTION: I’d like to think of myself more an optimist rather than lover or a fighter. On rainy days, I keep my feet off the ground and away from puddles; I form my own sunshine when gloom…

Neoclass Is the New Class

DETAILS: Year: 2014 Medium: Graphite, Photoshop Style: Fashion Illustration Influence: Neoclassicism, Neoclassical fashion, summer clothing brands Model: Oscar de la Renta’s work DESCRIPTION: A friend once told me the Neoclassical era was the worst era to be born in as a stylist—all there was were plain, white gowns. I set out to prove her wrong….

Morning Mirror Reality

DETAILS: Year: 2014 Medium: Clay, Varnish, Acrylic, Wood, Frame Style: Classical Influence: Classicism, Greek Individualism, Consumerism, American Perfectionism Model: “Bust of Lucius Verus” DESCRIPTION: The American pursuit for perfection is reflected in this marble-esque statue. The age-old societal pressures for beauty and fitness produce perfectly sculpted figures but at a…