We, the Misunderstood Dreamers

We, the Misunderstood Dreamers

I’ve a history of mockery to the face
In response to mentions of dreams
When asked for a career decision
And my answer didn’t match the theme
Of doctors or lawyers, and engineers, too
To which I’d respond with apathy
And if the idea was declared rash
Well, then rationale wasn’t for me

I was not the only one who felt this way

In other’s eyes, we were the foolish:
A breed of delinquents who wished so recklessly we’d had our heads locked up in the clouds
A gang of charlatans who’s foresight meant everything about looking up rather than ahead—we…
Were a different kind of outcast…
We’d isolate ourself from ourselves to fit in with misfits—
The only way we could be accepted in a realm so unlike our own we had to love what we hated the most and to learn what we understood the least
But that…
++++++++++was another problem for the science class
For when we spoke, we spoke with care
In fear of being labeled as inane
We dream in color, of color
And while we sat amid a table of sines and cosines
The gravity of it all, we were masters of mimicry in the animal kingdom
Down the hierarchy, we were the aster-artists who pretended to love science just so we could pass the social exam and leave
We gave it away only with that telltale beam in art class—
But that was a broken dream…
For our ambitions are more than just wistful thinkings
Or daydreams escaped out the window
But an industry in which reality is hand-made
And production is fashioned down below

Yes… we respond to fools in trance
And while our entire lives will forever just be a dream
It is our audacity to continue to be a fool
That makes us the most rational after all

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