Lovely Hearthstone

Lovely Hearthstone

It dawned a new day I hence saw her here
Suns rise, but she a star higher
Lost and found a tenderness for heaven
– Or heaven’s belle, my misfire

By morning’s glow, her grace traced grass paths
And grew flowers of desire
But mortals dote with a sweet honey hue
All but sweet – slow to expire

And in that loyal faith, loved I an angel
Unrequitedly acquired
Shattered by flawless divinity, she
Denied what I required

Impotent, I watched my hostile heart shred
And shed a mind’s lust in pyre
A foolish act of treason, all the more;
Devastated in ceasefire

In wake of affection’s suicide
Sang a nightfall’s frosty choir
For a fresh joy towards a holy virtue
Soured into lethal dire

Dismayed, cold by a cold’s day chill
I pushed my soul to retire
But alas, drenched in a colder night’s grasp
Dreamed an angel by my fire


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