Intro’s and Quills

Intro’s and Quills


Inkwell Memories

Flickers of rose bend to the breeze
As sadly backed, she sat abed
Ushered under heartfelt unease
The vermilion fire consumed her dread

Consciousness under-minded fled
To and into such flames of glee
Keys embedded in thoughts instead
Felt so content with false guarantees

But at no point did she disagree
With the effacement of cherished read
And just like sweet alluring thine bee
Whimming thought had been sorely misled

A mind tortured and finally dead
Now remnants of ashened ecstasy
Slowly withered and blazing spread
Forever lost in inkwell memories

Welcome to my website! This is my little “updates” and history page.

Inkwell Reveries was originally intended as a copyright database for all my works, for I feared contests would steal the poems I’d submitted. Reveries has now, however, evolved into a massive compilation of everything artistic, literary, and visual!

Feel free to browse through the tabs–they have descriptions located above the posts so you can see what you’re into!

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Senior year, baby! While school often gets in the way, never stop writing! Good luck to all those applying to schools!


  1. Posted by Branden Gehrig, at Reply

    ncie intro poem dude

  2. Posted by ban wayfarer, at Reply

    thanks for post :)

  3. Posted by dannye3, at Reply

    u have lots of empty tabs . this seems like an unfinished site :(

    • Posted by Christopher Mus, at Reply

      Working on it! :] I’m mainly posting old material. Check out all the new goodies at the Sable Journal!

  4. Posted by Martha King, at Reply

    I really enjoy your art. Keep sticking to your passion!

  5. Posted by fashionhoarderss, at Reply

    Please add 2 to fashion tab ! I would luv 2 see what u have !

  6. Posted by awesomeahmed, at Reply

    hello you have a photography section?

  7. Posted by dandysandy1, at Reply

    when are you going to start writing again ? ^0^

  8. Posted by moonlitwriter, at Reply

    i am also writer . where can i contact you for questions ?

  9. Posted by yuri cross, at Reply

    yo dude where i can make a website this was free?

    • Posted by Christopher Mus, at Reply

      Ooh, not this one. You can use Weebly to get a free website.

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