Talk: Midnight Diaries Entry 7

Talk: Midnight Diaries Entry 7

I realized how pathetic I could be that day. During a class lecture, I made the foolish mistake to stop listening to the lecture and instead listen to the people talking behind me. They were talking about a upcoming dance, and while I knew I should not be doing so, I continued to listen in and made one of the worst mistakes then.

The last name was said by the last guy I wanted: my crush had asked my rival to the Sadies dance, and by damned coincidence, my rival had to talk about the dance when I was sitting right in front of him. I got chills, as if the room as cold, but then a rush of warmth shot into my chest; something fell, and something shattered. Too shocked, I thought at first that the room had shattered from the coldness, but it was the heart right below me.

I had expected this degree of pain, but it was pain in the end. It was the worst rejection to the dance, despite it being an acceptance of dance.

I left the room in cold misery, without picking up the broken shards. I have abandoned liking anyone from now on.

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