Talk: Midnight Diaries Entry 6

Talk: Midnight Diaries Entry 6

After fighting for dear sanity, my mind and I found temporarily relief. This is a recollection of a volunteer trip, in which several students and I went down to the border of Mexico and helped cook lunch for and attend to the elderly and disabled at a rehabilitation center.

A new belle had simply emerged, nice enough to make me forget of all the struggles to closure I had attempted, but, just as quickly as I had found her, I had lost her. She was already in a relationship, and I was foolish enough to think I was free from my torment.


I realized how much my heart loved to change.

Had it been at least two months or some other long time of not seeing my original crush, then I it would make sense to have a small crush on someone else.

She’s really cute and quirky, but I dare not say hello…
But again, I speak too quickly.

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Out we stumbled into the early morning air. We were to go to Mexico on a volunteer trip. I was excited to help, but my sleepiness betrayed my eagerness. Perhaps it was the morning light, perhaps it was my sleepiness and lack of clear focus, but everyone seemed so beautiful. I ignored this statement and went onto the bus. On my way to the seat, I faintly remember a cute face, but I had gotten up especially early so that I could sleep during the long bus ride there and I was not about to waste time thinking about some stray thought.

The day was relatively eventful, but the work proved consuming enough that I had not the time to think about the face. On the way home, however, it turned out that the face was an actual person on the bus, of whom a mutual friend introduced me. I was happy to be on the home, but the bus ride made me inconceivably disappointed.

While we were talking, she spoke softly of her school problems. I listened, and it turns out she’s been having guy problems. Trying to be polite and look unaffected, I continued to listen. Underneath, however, the more she talked about this super “cute” other guy at her school, the more I realized that she and I were never meant to be.

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