Talk: Midnight Diaries Entry 2

Talk: Midnight Diaries Entry 2

Midnight Diaries: Entry 2 recounts a real night-time experience—I had gone to see my first school play after I was invited by my crush. She played the main role. Later on in the story, I met up with two middle school friends who were also invited to the play.

Both my mind and I are treated as separate entities—the mind embodies the inner, secret feelings/thoughts while “I” represents an outwards pretense.


Got out of the car and into the cold air. School looked so unfamiliar—so weird—during night. This is especially weird since I’ve made school a “morning home”, having gone there almost everyday for a large portion of my life.

The hallway leading into the auditorium is filled with light, but the “light” lights at the end of the hallway  is a lot brighter than all the other lights because it represents all the potential joy and happiness from seeing the play.

My school sold pizza during the play; its smell was overwhelming. A volunteer took people’s tickets and ushered them into seats. People whispered outside in the nighttime air; in a daze, I walked to the counter and turned in my ticket.

The first thing I noticed was her.

At first, I didn’t realize it was her since she was in costume; looking back to when I didn’t recognize her, I think she seemed more mysteriously alluring. Lots of exciting things happening, but I paid no attention to it all, for there she stood. The play had not yet begun, but standing in perfect stature while talking to her friends, she seemed like an actor on stage anyways.

As if I had confidence, I approached her.

~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~

I meet up with my old friends, but I was hard to chat because I kept thinking about her mystical allure.

Play started, and all I thought about was seeing her again. Everything else didn’t matter.

~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~

I had head that about the play’s climax: a wedding scene. Were the play about someone else, I would not have cared.

The wedding scene begins, and despite her appearing so entrancing, I could not shake off the feeling of dread, for I knew what was to come.

And came it did.

I was distressed with anguish and jealousy, for she had just kissed someone else.

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