Talk: Lovely Hearthstone

Talk: Lovely Hearthstone

It dawned a new day I hence saw her here
A new beginning from the moment I saw her.
Suns rise, but she a star higher
Allusion to “it dawned a new day” – rising suns mean dawn; suns are stars, but she was a star (star ~ angel) that rose higher (she was more beautiful, more meaningful and important to the speaker’s world or survival.)
Lost and found a tenderness for heaven
Before, the speaker wasn’t able to love; after seeing heaven, he is (OR) has regained faith in heaven after seeing actual proof of its existence
–Or heaven’s belle, my misfire
“Oh, whoops! I mean to say HEAVEN’S BELLE instead.” (OR) “Whoops! I’m sorry for making the mistake of losing faith in heaven’s beauty!” Misfire = mistake.

By morning’s glow, her grace traced grass paths
By morning light, she walked along grass roads…
And grew flowers of desire
And flowers grew where she stepped
But mortals dote with a sweet honey hue
Unfortunately, the speaker (a mortal) loved with a (metaphorically) sweet honey hue–or a very golden (color of loyalty), sweet (meaning very strongly) hue (as in the shade of his love). Allusion to “flowers of desire”–flowers that produce honey/sap AND smell good/look pretty are the most valuable or sweet.
All but sweet–slow to expire
Which isn’t actually sweet or as good as it sounds because honey is slow to expire. (Technically, it will never expire.) This means the speaker fixed on the angel–his love will never expire.

And in that loyal faith, loved I an angel
I loved an angel with that “honey hue” intensity.
Unrequitedly acquired
The love was not returned.
Shattered by flawless divinity, she
Oxymoron play–something flawless can not shatter. She breaks his heart (OR) she breaks his faith because soon after, he realizes an angel cannot love a mortal back.
Denied what I required
He requires mutuality of affection; she cannot give it.

Impotent, I watched my hostile heart shred
Helpless, he watched his heart shred (as in kill)
And shed a mind’s lust in pyre
And shed (let go of) a mind’s lust (his love for her) in pyre (in fire). What this all translates into is a war between the heart (love) and mind (logic). The heart is hostile because it was denied what it wanted, so it blames the mind (the logical part, which is suppose to NOT let the heart fall in love because the love would never be returned) by killing it (this results in his irrationality, head-over-heels because without a mind, he thinks with his heart). This is unfortunate because the mind ALSO wanted the angel, meaning the heart killed the mind for agreeing with it.

A foolish act of treason, all the more;
The reason for killing the mind was stupid. It is also treason because the heart now threatens the entire body by eliminating the thought center/the leader/the brain.
Devastated in ceasefire
The body is ruined with a leader and the heart is devasted by what it’s done. Ceasefire as in: after killing the mind, it’s ceasefire/done/completed (OR) ceasefire in battle – when both sides stop fighting. If the mind is dead, the heart will have no one to fight, so it ceases fire/fighting. This all translates into his actualization of the angel not being able to return the feelings.

In wake of affection’s suicide
Pun: wake = awakening, realizing + wake = aftermath, consequence. In wake of love’s suicide (suicide because the heart kills the mind (which technically is the organ by how we love) (OR) because the heart destroyed the body by destroying the brain. No body = no heart.
Sang a nightfall’s frosty choir
Metaphorically, nightfall was sung by a frosty choir (cold winds can sing) (OR) the morning from the first line in the poem suddenly turns into a metaphoric night of sorrow and darkness because of his actualization.
For a fresh joy towards a holy virtue
For a newfound love for an angel…
Soured into lethal dire
Allusion to “fresh joy”–simply something fresh turns sour. Lethal dire means truly life-threatening.

Dismayed, cold by a cold day’s chill
Cold (heart is cold/sad) by the cold day (day turned cold due the actualization).
I pushed my soul to retire
The speaker decided to go to bed (OR) he retired his love/relinquished it.
But alas, drenched in a colder night’s grasp
But darn! Night’s cold temperature plus the coldness/sadness of heart is even worse! (OR) He cannot let go because the angel has her grasp on him.
Dreamed an angel by my fire
So he dreamed a fireplace (something rather needed, and hence, considered “an angel”) to warm him up (OR) he dreamed the angel with him, her being the fire, she warming him (OR) he dreamed her by his fire (fire ~ heart/core), meaning he dreamed her finally returning that affection (OR) he dreamed her burned in fire, demonstrating that sudden escalation of frustration–leads into darker thoughts.

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