Talk: A Painter Story

Talk: A Painter Story

“The painter sits with determination and confidence. She rolls her sleeves smoothly and grasps her brush for a dip into a paint container. The canvas – a bright white canvas – is set perfectly upon a stand. And so the painter begins painting. A dot, now turning into a line, is the first thing seen on canvas. Soon, she finishes her drawing of the countryside. A splendor of color and realistic imagery is visible from the canvas – a canvas shining with a perfect coat like a sun radiating its warmth. A drying of the paint fixes the picture onto the canvas and the picture is now ready to be sold.
The painter cries – her tears are seen on the picture, making the picture even more pretty, so pretty that it looks unreal.”

This painter is hurting inside. She paints a very happy and beautiful picture, though it is nothing like what she is feeling. People can hide anything; nothing is certain until proven certain.
“Tears now dab the picture for completion…”
The picture is “complete” because it is now real. The beautiful picture before was fake, since it did not truly express how the artist was feeling. With tears, symbolizing the sorrow and pain within her, only can the picture be final and genuine.
“…making it ever more ethereal.”
The tears are beautiful to the painter, since it its her true feeling. The tears also make the picture less magnificent, draining it of its wonder. This, of course, makes the picture even more realistic. A painting is only beautiful if the artist who painted it thinks it is beautiful, and since the painter wishes a genuine picture, the picture is ethereal.

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