Talk: A Flower Story

Talk: A Flower Story

“The yellow flowers sway in the wind. Their petals are open to the warming, pre-noon sun. The color of their petals amazes me – never have I seen a yellow so sad. The flower’s decay and death is gradual, but certain. The flowers know that they are going to die; I know it; and because of that, their beauty is not long. The dropping of the petals is the only action in the still morning air. The fall of the petals confirm my thought. You can’t fool me – not even nature lasts forever.”

Everything, even nature, will someday die. Nothing lasts forever, and beauty is certainly one of them. Things may look pretty and ever-lasting, but appearance is not actuality. The dancing and color of the flower is happy, but the onlooker finds it sad because both know that the flower is going to die.
“The plummet of flaxen leaves animate the still air of the morning.”
The falling of the petals are not happening at the moment. This is the future, or the thought the onlooker gets while admiring the flower for combining the elements of death and glory into the shade of yellow.
“You can’t fool me – not even nature lasts forever.”
This shows that the onlooker had known his own death, too. The onlooker thinks that nature is trying to comfort, but discovers the fraud – seeing it immediately through the grace of the flowers. Not even nature, the one greatest thing in the universe, is forever… so how can human be?

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