The Theme of High School Education

The Theme of High School Education


Year: 2013
Medium: Oil Pastel
Style: Abstract
Influence: Expressionism
Model:  Jean-Michael Basquiat


This is a story of education through time.

Starting from primary colors, young children are pure and bold in their exploration. Growing up, they are encouraged by their parents to pursue art and literature. Nuances in the complexities of understanding form circular shapes; a mixing of colors create new hues as textures and shades form the different perspectives children learn to examine. Thought becomes more than just angular boxes: they are abstracted, colorful essences of life.

But come high school public education, a defiler of such free thought. Grading essays based on whether they followed a cookie-cutter formula or testing students on the details rather than the classic’s ideas, English teachers, for example, taint vibrancy. As shards of color fly into oblivion, the color palette bleeds out into something staler and plain. A textual mantra dictates how “art” should be done, correcting even the handwriting style.


[#11] The Theme of Public Education

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