The Amazing Adventures of an Average American Woman

The Amazing Adventures of an Average American Woman


Year: 2013-2014
Medium: Graphite, Photoshop, Illustrator
Style: Comic Art
Influence: American Comic Art, Feminism
Model:  “Archie Comics”


Much in the same way micro-aggressions continue racism, outdated social traditions like matrimony perpetuate an innately biased perspective. My piece deals with the insidious custom of women changing their last names to match men’s. Like branding cattle, such convention is not only humiliating but also disempowering. Unfortunately, like the reaction to the Nuremberg Laws, these traditions are overlooked and ignored (demonstrated through the general cheeriness of every panel right down to the every end). People inured, this idea serves only to sustain sexism. This one page comic follows the life of a women living in America, a society still wreathed in gender inequality. Indistinguishable and equal at first, the babies become more stereotypically defined. The woman also shrinks in stature in comparison to the man until she becomes as small as a Barbie doll. Red, white, and blue appear in every panel, symbolizing the background social pressures we don’t pay much attention to.

Foreshadowing, girl baby on left; male baby on right. The positioning of the female on the left and male on the right continues for all three panels until the very last one.

The shadows are equal, representing only the perception of equality between them. They are not the same height, however. The word “again” hints that they were once the same, but not anymore–only their shadows remain of that “once were sameness”.

American diner. Strange statistic, but male cashiers are more likely to use “How may I* help you” versus the female “How may we* help you”. Instead of intermeshing, the male hand is on top, adding a subtle, dark revelation to romance.

“And he lived happily ever after.”


[#12] The Amazing Adventures of an Average American Woman

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