Telltale Frameworks

Telltale Frameworks


Year: 2014
Medium: Ink, Photoshop
Style: Landscape Realism
Influence: Romanticism’s nature ideals
Model: European city Photostock picture.


“Telltale Frameworks” challenges our misconception of civilization. While clock towers symbolize the passage of time, there is really no time-told achievement to be proud of: still the town appears ghostly and ominous, still the buildings are left in frameworks. The only real detailed images are the water and the ferns in the foreground—dominated by the telltale outlines of encroaching buildings. The piece is black and white simply because cities are just that: stark impositions on nature. Human arrogance and wanton consumption overshadows nature—even breaking the perspective of the ferns in the foreground—, though we cover it up with beautiful but superficial cityscapes. The shadow on the water is the truth revealed; the drips and curls give a creepy, fanciful feel. Done in ink, symbolizing the one-time, irreversible permanence of the human mark. Shadows done in Photoshop.


[#6] Telltale Frameworks

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