Year: 2009
Medium: Camera (Automatic)
Style: Landscape
Influence: Fine Art Photography
Model: N/A


A few years ago, I was in Taiwan enjoying an artificial lake. Likely for tourist attraction, the lake had a strange tranquility to its murky water, and I wouldn’t have suspected any life in it were it not for the large feeder by the balcony. I unwrapped a tube of food pellets over the lake, and to my extreme shock, hundreds of Koi erupted to the surface. The more pellets I tossed in, the more fish exploded from the water and the more I started to ponder our relationship. In the frantic struggle for food, these fish embody the cutthroat race we run in life—the academic competition I face in high school. Moreover, the fish seemed content with the struggle, as if they had rehearsed chaos a 1000 times before. Though we know the lake is man-made, the unnatural setting was what the fish knew as their entire lives—a “natural” society. Much like the fish, are we in trapped in a fake lake believing life to be just contest for when the next food pellets fall or do we create the society that manages when the food dispenses? Do we make up the lake or does the lake make up our society? The illusion of free will is quite real, and in that chaos perhaps there is sanity after all.


[#10] Sanity

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