NFPA 704, Heart Hazards for Emergency Responses

NFPA 704, Heart Hazards for Emergency Responses


Year: 2014
Medium: Oil, Graphite
Style: Pop Art
Influence: Metamodernism, Pop Art
Model:  NFPA 704 Sign


A teenager heart is as dangerous as a chemical lab. The “NFPA 704: HHER” ensures that the public is aware of the potential danger.

BLUE: Health Hazard (2). Folded into an origami piece, the dollar heart is left cold by moderate greed. Obsession with material goods can be cured with regular art sessions, good food, and happy relationships.

RED: Flammability (4). Impassioned, the real heart is volatile and emotional. Be cautious of reckless actions and irreversible (but commonly occurring) infatuations. Extremely lethal. Chronic.

YELLOW: Instability (3). The negative-space heart is physically missing, yet, in that void, exists. Wavering ambiguity and constant struggle between society, self, and values are common symptoms. Confidence, contentment, and general happiness are possible solutions.

WHITE: Special Hazard (Angst). Reacts violently with other hearts. This stylized heart appears heavy and locked, as if hiding something. Inside unknown.


[#15] NFPA 704, Heart Hazards for Emergency Responses

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