Neoclass Is the New Class

Neoclass Is the New Class


Year: 2014
Medium: Graphite, Photoshop
Style: Fashion Illustration
Influence: Neoclassicism, Neoclassical fashion, summer clothing brands
Model: Oscar de la Renta’s work


A friend once told me the Neoclassical era was the worst era to be born in as a stylist—all there was were plain, white gowns. I set out to prove her wrong.

Influenced by the Neoclassical elements of strong geometric shapes over detailed textures, I sketched pieces that have more drapes than lace. Each design has an accented trim to match its secondary color, which in turn matches the base color of white (the Neoclassical staple). Accessories are of French Neoclassical origin, as well (except the denim petite).

Through experimental color and texture, the blue gown on the right is bold in appearance and concept, reflecting the Classical values of strength, individuality, and status. The middle pencil skirt has more movement than typical designs and has a very summery, playful feeling to match the Neoclassical penchant garden parties and nature walks. The red dress to the left carries over the traditions of formality, truth, and reason—the imperatives to Greek and Roman philosophy. Neoclassicism is the revival of such values; Neoclass’ is the new class of fashion.


[#5] Neoclassical Fashion Is the New Class

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