Morning Mirror Reality

Morning Mirror Reality


Year: 2014
Medium: Clay, Varnish, Acrylic, Wood, Frame
Style: Classical
Influence: Classicism, Greek Individualism, Consumerism, American Perfectionism
Model: “Bust of Lucius Verus”


The American pursuit for perfection is reflected in this marble-esque statue. The age-old societal pressures for beauty and fitness produce perfectly sculpted figures but at a grave price. In accepting an impersonal standard, we lose our standards—we lose ourselves. The body of the sculpture is refined and glossy but is held in stark contrast to the decaying skull. Devoid of identity and personality, those that succumb to the pursuit become indistinguishable from everyone else. In attempt to realizing this dream, we become consumers of workout fads, product steroids, and overhyped meal plans—xenophobic and patronizing to those too alien to extreme work out and diet—rather than radiators of self-confidence, -content, and -individualism—the original goals of a healthy lifestyle. The mirror frame in front mimics the morning dresser mirror we all see, and in that effect, this sculpture may be interpreted as the viewer’s own reflection. I, myself, am not immune from pressures to conform to an over-idealized view of beauty, and this piece serves as a just reminder, as well as, social commentary.


[#1] Morning Mirror Reality [#3] Morning Mirror Reality (Detail) [#2] Morning Mirror Reality (Detail)

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