Art Portfolio Master Gallery

Art Portfolio Master Gallery


Art is why we call life “life” instead of “existence”. It is a medium that crosses language barriers, an idea bank that outlasts time, and a connector that weaves distinct cultures into one global community called humanity. Because art is the essence of ideas, I enjoy making statements in each piece. Whether it’s from critiquing the American pursuit of perfection or mankind’s ominous destruction of nature, the themes in my work all allude to the theme of our generation: activism. While the classical Greeks valued individualism, we value progression through advocacy.

Besides loving art as a hobby, I find myself more connected to the art styles and histories that I encounter throughout my studies. By actively implementing past styles and techniques, I embody age-old perspectives through my work, more deeply understanding their cultures. My portfolio samples some of my favorite major art styles.

Each piece considers the style, medium, and concept. Each piece is also a sample of major art styles throughout history in order. For example, my first piece follows Greek Classicism, followed by Renaissance, etc.


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