A Microcosm of Color

A Microcosm of Color


Year: 2013
Medium: Camera (Telephoto)
Style: Microscopic
Influence: Fine Art Photography
Model: N/A


Found on a nearby flower, these ants, quite unknown to them, embody nature’s gift of beauty and strength. The amount of detail, color, and life in so tiny a space is staggering: the ants, dynamic and saturated with dark brown; the flower’s petal gleaming with rich blue. Complementary colors flood the scene as harmonizing colors make the finale balancing act. The focus is also very fine point, and this shows the delicacy of camera technology on the photographer’s side. The flower and background are largely out of focus, and even only parts of the ant are in view. This is the camera’s telephoto focus in action. Within tiny spaces, even tinier fields of view are created; within our world, even microcosms can be seen.


[#8] A Microcosm of Color

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